Frequently asked questions

Dogs on a short leash are welcome aboard our rail bikes.

Cash, cheques and bank cards are accepted at the station in Boucieu le Roi

Yes. The group tariff applies to groups of over 20 travellers. In this case you need to book in advance and only one payment for the whole group is accepted.

All our rail bikes leave from the station in Boucieu le Roi. 

Although booking is not required, we strongly advise travellers to do so, considering the limited number of rail bikes.

We advise passengers to arrive at the station 30 minutes prior to the scheduled ride giving time to scan tickets purchased online and get acquainted with the safety rules.

In the village of Boucieu le Roi you’ll find 2 restaurants to serve you: “Le Bistrot de la Gare” and “Le Petit Bociu”.

In rainy weather our rail bikes continue to run so bring suitable clothing with you just in case ! In the event of storm warnings the rail bike may be cancelled in which case both outward and return journey will be with the rail car. 

A free car park is available 50 metres from the station with access for campervans. Specific PRM spaces are available for holders of a disability badge in front of the station.

For safety reasons, children weighing under 9kg are not accepted on the rail bikes. For those over this weight our team can adapt a child seat (if available).

Our five-seat rail bikes carry two front pedal pushers + 3 passengers at the back.

All participants of the activity must have a valid ticket (according to time stamp), even toddlers under 4 years old and +9 kg.

The number of rail bikes will be determined the day of your visit by our team, depending on how many visitors you will be.

If your question is not amongst the ones below please contact us by e-mail